Under 11s at home

Under 11s at home

Two home games for our under 11s this week, meant a bumper crowd was there to spur the girls on.

Two tough matches were played out against AFC Porth and Sully Sports.

A very well organised AFC Porth team in the first match saw Caerphilly struggle to compete at times during the game. Difficulty in getting the ball clear from defensive positions once again proved a bit of an achilles heel, with the experienced players within Porth’s ranks ready to capitalise on any mistakes.  Caerphilly persevered throughout however, and a well deserved (and first) goal from our girl of the match Megan, who ran tirelessly throughout the game, meant Caerphilly got on the scoresheet.

The second game proved much more competitive.  Megan reverting to keeper made a string of saves with both feet and hands.  Again though, it was Sully who had most of the play, benefiting greatly from a much larger squad of players to choose from, whereas the Caerphilly girls, playing with the bare 8 understandably tired towards the end.  Caerphilly did manage 3 goals in this game, with Bethan, Elin, and Chrissy all getting deserved goals.

A lot of lessons learnt from both games, which can be nothing but positive as our girls continue in their footballing education.



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