Ladies’ new season kicks off

Our first game of the new season!

Venue: Abertridwr
Ref: Wayne Morgan

The season kicked off to a slow start but like the team we are, we rallied coming from behind, kept the ball on the floor and moved it round the park. We finished the first half in an excellent position, scoring 2 goals in the last 10 minutes bringing us back in the game. Half time score 3-2 to Coed. ( Alisha Jones, Jess Evans )

Starting where we finished the first half, we played some good football and kept close to Coed scoring another great goal ( Tegan Evans ) to get to 4-3. Up and until the last 15 minutes we could have been looking at a draw but we let the opposition hit back with a further 3 goals.

Final score 7-3 to Coed Duon.

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