Caerphilly Castle Girls v Splott Albion

Caerphilly Castle Girls v Splott Albion

Caerphilly Castle Girls v Splott Albion

Date 28th January 2018
K.O. 11am
Venue – St. Cenydd Leisure Centre 3G

Following the original fixture postponement at the end of last year, our Junior section were delighted to welcome Splott Albion mini’s to Caerphilly to play our first home fixture.

The rain and wind didn’t put off the girls too much, though both sides suffered from a number of late withdrawals for varying reasons.  The originally planned two matches was reduced to an 8-a-side game, with Caerphilly supporting Splott by lending 2 players to their team to bolster the visiting teams numbers.

In an entertaining match, Caerphilly were the first to acclimatize to the conditions, and some excellent interplay from Megan, Ava and Bethan quickly played off with Bethan managing to find space to slot home in the opening minutes.

The goal really helped to settle the girls, and sensing a first win was on the cards for the team, they all dug deep and played by far their best game to date.

Indeed, the girls looked a different team from the one that originally took to the field in our first match  in November.  The hard work on the training pitch clearly paying off, and with a much greater understanding of the game, and their positions, Splott found it hard to breakdown a dogged Caerphilly defense, with notably big performances form Chrissy and Tara.

It what was sometimes a scrappy affair with the poor condition of pitch side netting not always helping the flow of the game, Caerphilly managed to break on a number of occasions and found the back of the net twice more with Bethan completing her hat-trick before Splott managed to get one back just before the 2nd break.

With the arrival of some late comers for Splott an extra 10 minutes was played, with the team sizes increased to 10-a-side to keep as many girls as possible on the pitch without suffering the wind chill on the sides.

Obviously reducing space on the pitch, this made the game much tighter.  There were few chances created from either side, though it was Bethan once again who managed to work a bit of space and roll in her 4th.

The match ending with a 4-1 victory for Caerphilly Castle,  – a first win for the new Junior team!

Many thanks to our visitors from Splott for coming up to Caerphilly to play.  The game was once again played in a great spirit from both sides, and it was fantastic to see all the girls from both sides smiling and congratulating each other at the handshakes at the end.

Ava, Bethan, Chrissy, Megan, Grace, Grace, Heidi, Scarlett, Sienna, Sofija, Tara, Tayla.

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