Juniors to attend Abergavenny Tournament

Abergavenny Tournament

Date: 13/05/18

Time: 9:30 (First game is 10, so please come by 9:30 to allow us to organise)

Venue: Abergavenny Leisure Centre, Old Hereford Road, Abergavenny, NP7 6EP

(If anybody needs a lift please let us know).

Contact: James 07900 261217 (under 11s) – Gwyn 07932 702855 (under 9s)

Subs: £2 each

Kit: Yellow and Blue Training kit (Not the Yellow and Black kit with the sponsors on)


(These are the girls that have said yes so far. I’m waiting for a few others to confirm. Any other girls (old and new) are more than welcome to come too)

Under 9s

Charlotte, Grace O, Heidi, Jersey, Layla, Lundun, Naimh, Tayla, Seren G, Seren E, Maria, Ava, Skyla, Shayla.

Under 11s

Beth, Chrissy, Daisy, Darcy, Ruby S, Sienna, Skylah K, Sophie, Cerys, Tara, Elin, Megan, Lucy.


Other info

We are not sure how many games we will be playing until we get there. Usually we split playing time equally between every girl, that might not work out on Sunday, due to the amount of new girls we have, and not wanting to throw them ‘in at the deep end’.

Final Note

Please remember we are all there to have fun, the girls especially. The girls will make mistakes, but that’s how they learn. Please can we all ensure that all comments and support are positive ones only.

Thanks for your support.

James & Gwyn




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